Training Materials


  Community Working Group on Health (CWGH) documentary on “Strengthening Community Feedback Mechanisms for Improved Health Service Delivery”

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Food and Security: How South Africans are taking food security into their own hands

 A documentary film developed by a student featuring individuals from Klapmuts, Belhar, and Gugulethu in the Western Cape who are initiating food gardens and other programmes to empower their communities and strengthen food security and sovereignty. All community members participated in the Community Systems Strengthening for Health (CSS) Project, a three year pilot project developing capacity building programmes to support the realization of health rights. This film was created to build on CSS's participatory action research and capacity building programmes to better understand tools for realizing the right to food.

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Network of Community Defenders for the Right to Health

This short documentary tells the story of the Network of Community Defenders for the Right to Health. They are users of healthcare services that have organized themselves to identify problems, engage with authorities for resolutions and demand accountability.

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                                       Primary Health Care - Health for All



Training video on Health Committees

This video explores the role of Health Committees from different perspectives – from that of a facility manager, a health care provider, health committee members and patients.

It aims to enhance understanding of what Health Committees can do, what the challenges are in building effective health committees and how they can strengthen the health system.

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Community Systems Strengthening (CSS) for Health - 'Creating an Enabling Environment'

The Video aims to explore how the Community Systems Strengthening (CSS) project, funded by the European Union, is addressing social determinants of health, including child abuse, hunger, violence and chronic illnesses, through training in four priority areas namely 1) child protection, 2) access to food and nutrition 3) peace building and 4) health education. The footage provides a background to the historical struggle related to the access to health in under-resourced communities in South Africa.

The filming took place during the first year of the three-year project. We interviewed the trainers on the learning objectives of the training component. Training participants and project partners, WFP, UCT, BCHF were interviewed regarding their experiences prior to and during the project implementation. Local government officials also shared their experiences regarding community access to budgets and resources for quality health care.

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Community Systems Strengthening (CSS) for Health- 'Bringing Health Home'

This video follows a community health activist Michelle Scheepers in the under-resourced area of Klapmuts. The DVD showcases the EU funded Community Systems Strengthening Project which is a partnership between UCT, Women on Farms Project and Training for Transition. The film demonstrates the intersecting socio-economic determinants of health, and the importance of responding to community health issues in a more holistic manner. The basic training provided to community participants in the project covered topics regarding hunger and nutrition, chronic diseases and stigma, child protection, peace building and community safety. The video highlights how capacity development can empower communities to respond to these issues. In Klapmuts for example, this has resulted in health activists and clinic monitors raising awareness on health issues, taking up community concerns, as well as monitoring services.

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